Prosim - Versatile power plant simulator

Prosim is a software package for simulation of power plant processes. Prosim makes it easy to calculate all power plant processes from simple co-generation power plants to complex combined cycle plants for both nominal and partial loads.

Use Prosim to calculate thermal power plants and for numer of different calculations.

  • Combined cycle
  • IGCC
  • PFBC
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Power plants of kraft pulp mills
  • etc.
  • Planning a new power plant process
  • Calculating process modifications
  • Calculating the dimensioning data of power plant components.
  • Performance tests of gas turbine/steam turbine etc.
  • Off-design simulations

Prosim can be used in building a Performance Monitoring System , which uses models of the process and thermodynamic calculation in combination on- measurements.

The module library of PROSIM contains more than 60 different calculation modules. You can freely combine these modules to build desired process. Calculation modules have been drawn according to DIN 2481 standard. Flow materials are represented with different line types and line colors.

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