Prosim -versatile power plant simulator

A tool for modelling of thermal power plants. Prosim suits very well studying of planned process changes. Prosim's equipment library contains more than 70 power plant modules and a gas turbine library. The model library includes over 30 ready to use power plant processes. You can use ready processes as a base in modelling own processes.

WebProsim -fast and easy to use tool for process calculations

WebProsim can be used from the internal net or over www. Software is installed on the company's own server or workstation. WebProsim offers the ability to use the process calculation tool from every Internet accessible computer. In user workstations no installations are needed, because the software is used with a standard internet browser. The calculation software is installed in a single computer. You can use WebProsim for:

  • Training operators to efficiently use the power plant and handle different operating modes
  • Simulate changes in the process
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance outages by tracking turbine processes
  • Calculate operating costs accurately
  • Optimise emissions and cost of used fuels

New advanced furnace model

New zone-furnace model was completed in autumn 2002. In this model furnace is divided into small zones and as the result is got the temperature distribution in the furnace and heat flow distribution trough the walls. Zone-model can be used for accurate study of different loads, fuel changes and changes in the furnace (for example: changes of burner levels). Zone-model suits for boilers burning coal, black liquor, bio fuels, natural gas and oil.

Modelling and calculation services

Endat Oy have experience more than fifteen years of modelling and simulation of thermal power plants. Our power plant simulator Prosim can be used for evaluation different process and boiler changes in power plants and for building energy balance of processes.

On-line performance monitoring and optimisation

ProsimCMS is a on-line software for condition monitoring of thermal power plants. System includes on-line performance monitor, on-line simulation, on-line cost calculation, database to store measurements and calculations, trends, on-line optimisation and soot blowing optimisation.

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